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Digital Universities V.3 (2016) n. 1

International best practices and applications

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Anno edizione: 2016

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X GUIDE International Conference Wien, 16-18 September 2015
Selected papers (part 2)

Recognition Management for promoting and accelerating the academic careers of professional learners
Christian-Andreas Schumann, Rainer Marr, Peter Missbach, Jana Weber

Motivation and learning modes: towards an automatic intelligent evaluation of learner motivation
Bourouaieh Douadi

Preferred learning environment, level of engagement and academic performance of graduate students
Sheila R. Bonito

Online education and diversity scholarship: the center for workplace diversity research
Carlos Tasso De Aquino, Robert W. Robertson

Carbon footprint lab: a didactic tool for the assessment of the environmental sustainability of a food product
Lucia Recchia

Overtaking the “no significant difference phenomenon”: after the learning media evolution, the teaching paradigms revolution. First results at Gugliemo Marconi University
Michele Petrocelli

Strategies and tips for effective teaching for the 21st Century learner
Veronika Ospina-Kammerer, Christine Gordon

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