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Digital Universities V.4 (2017) n. 3

International best practices and applications

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Anno edizione: 2017

ISBN: 9788849234251

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XII International GUIDE Conference Online Learning in the 21st Century: Practice, Problems, and Prospects Orlando, Florida, February 15 -17, 2017


An approach to engaging online faculty in support of student success
Elena Mastors, Tammy Woody

Culture of student and faculty engagement
Robert Miner

Gen y and z: leading and teaching the next generations
Grace Miranda

Gamified learning: quest for learner engagement
Keya Mukherjee, Tammy Lowery Zacchilli

Create engagement in the online classroom using a modified writer’s memo
Patricia Nereim

Quality assurance: European data mining strategies
Ruslan Penchev

The invisible role of diversity in distance education
Laura Pipoly

Challenging the notion of physical mobility: ICT innovations between two European higher education
Robert Pucher, Agnes Kriz, Laura Ricci

Cultivating leaders in the distance learning classroom
Marianne Raley

Technical and vocational career in the Bahamas: impact and potential of online training
Anthony Ramtulla

Saint Leo University’s Renaissance: mixing on-line, blended courses, gaming to teach American politics, international affairs
Marco Rimanelli, Frank Orlando

International business: continuing digital transformation and cross-cultural studies
Herbert Strunz, Christian-Andreas Schumann

Vocaroo: adding audio feedback in online courses. Does it add value?
Andree Swanson, Maja Zelihic, Paula Zobish, Diane Hamilton, Renee Hill, Bill Davis, Brenda Forde

Diversity & inclusion scholarship in online higher education
Carlos Tasso De Aquino, Robert Robertson

The impact of a digital faculty community: faculty engagement and knowledge sharing
Elwin Tilson, Stephanie Holden

Getting onramp with ucf online: providing online resources and sense of community
Karen Tinsley-Kim, Bren Bedford, Beth Nettles

Technology – change is the only constant
Gaynel Watson
Digital generation impact on the landscape of modern pedagogy
Maja Zelihic, Bill Davis, Diane Hamilton, Michael Hilley


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