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How to live forever

dedicated to Antonio

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Formato: 13 x 19,5 cm

Legatura: Filorefe

Pagine: 96

Anno edizione: 2020

ISBN: 9788849239355

EAN: 9788849239355

UB. INT. : T705D V24g


This book is intended as a dialogue between the reader and me. In it, I explore the great themes of life, those questions that have always interested even the common man. Who am I? Why am I alive? Where will I end up? I explore these themes through events I have myself experienced. The greatest misfortune to befall me was the death of my son Antonio. This event led me first to ask, and then to investigate, just where he had gone.

Luigi Maria Bellantoni rose quickly through the ranks of the Italian judicial system. Retiring at an early age, having reached the position of Judge in the Court of Cassation, he then opened his own criminal law practice, working from Rome and Reggio Calabria. He is the author of numerous books on legal matters. His works published by Gangemi Editore are Come vivere per sempre, Schegge di vita, La nostra Africa and Amori indelebili.

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