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Journal of Public Finance and Public Choice n. 2-3/2006

Economia delle scelte pubbliche 2-3/06

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Formato: 17 x 24 cm

Legatura: Filorefe

Pagine: 128

Anno edizione: 2008

ISBN: 9788849214185

EAN: 8849214189

UB. INT. : T703F


Thorsten Giersch

From Lindahl’s Garden to Global Warming:
How Useful is the Lindahl Approach in the Context
of Global Public Goods
Antonio Nicita – Matteo Rizzolli

Property Rules, Liability Rules and Externalities
George S. Ford – Mark Thornton – Marc Ulrich

Constituency Size and the Growth of Public Expenditures:
The Case of the United Kingdom
Richard E. Wagner

Katrina and the Social Organization of Disaster Recovery:
Dissolving a Theoretical Antinomy
Andrea Pitzalis

Three Protagonists of Public Intervention in the Economy of Italy (1900-1937): Giovanni Montemartini,
Francesco Saverio Nitti and Alberto Beneduce

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