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Manfredi Nicoletti Architect

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Formato: 16 x 16 cm

Legatura: Filorefe

Pagine: 144

Anno edizione: 2007

ISBN: 9788849211726

EAN: 8849211724

UB. INT. : T317B V04a V43g


The most incisive features of Nicoletti’s architecture arise from his anti-academic philosophical approach. The motif of technological innovation is tackled from an artistic point of view because it is an instrument subject to architectural design, an expression of the ecosystem concept of buildings that must be pushed to behave like true, real self-sufficient organisms, even from the point of view of energy. His theory of forms refuses any a priori solutions and any uncritical application of academic styles, proposing instead an individual and personal creation of the designer who is always highly aware of the demands of his own age and the context for the project. For Manfredi Nicoletti, architecture is a form of art and communication that transcends the particular and aims to open itself up to many meanings by stepping over the bounds of different disciplines: science, philosophy, metaphysics. His vision of space refuses to subject itself to the restrictions of the rules for the usual practice of construction by trying to reach the highest levels of complexity in every aspect.

Elena Giussani is completing her doctorate on”Reclamation and Reuse of Urban Spaces”‚ at the Valle Giulia Department of Architecture of the La Sapienza University of Rome. She graduated in Architecture and History of Art from the same university and is the author of the essay “Utopia and Design” (2004), of a monographic study “Hans Hollein, alles ist Architektur” (2006) and the anthology “Hans Hollein, spaceradiation” (2006).

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