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Nazi Hell

The death camps at Belzec, Sobibor and Treblinka

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Formato: 17 x 24 cm

Legatura: Filorefe

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Anno edizione: 2023

ISBN: 9788849246865

EAN: 9788849246865

UB. INT. : T511B


“With the Jews – I want to say it loud and clear – we must end it in some way. … I start with the expectation that they will disappear. They must disappear. … But what will happen to the Jews? Do you think they will stay in the Eastern Territories in small settlements? We were told in Berlin: why do you give us such hassle? … Liquidate them yourselves! Gentlemen, I must beg you to arm us against considerations of piety. We must exterminate the Jews wherever they are and wherever it is possible, somehow”

Speech by General Governor Hans Frank in Krakow
Sitting of the government, December 16, 1941

“Where am I? In hell, a hell populated with devils. We wait for death … At best in a few days. And as a reward for a few days of survival we must get our hands dirty helping those bandits in their work. No, we can’t do that!”

Chil Rajchman
Survivor of the death camp at Treblinka

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