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ShoCK! Sharing of Computable Knowledge! Vol. I & II

Proceedings of the 35th International Conference on Education and Research in Computer Aided Architectural Design in Europe - eCAADe 2017

Full English text - 2 Volumi in cofanetto

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Anno edizione: 2017


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20th-22ndSeptember 2017, Rome, Italy
Dep. of Civil, Building and Environmental Engineering
Faculty of Civil and Industrial Engineering
Sapienza University of Rome

Internet of Things, pervasive nets, Knowledge ‘on tap’, Big Data, Wearable devices and the ‘Third wave’ of AI are disruptive technologies that are upsetting our globalised world as far as it can be foreseen from now on.
So academicians, professionals, researchers, students, innovation factories… are warmly invited to further shake up and boost our innovative and beloved CAAD world with new ideas, paradigms and points of view.
As life is not a matter of single individuals, we need to increase collaboration and to improve knowledge sharing. This means going back to focus on human beings, and involves the humanistic approach, and the long history of design… from handicrafts to thinking to technology… and vice versa.
A large spiral of “architectura” as “eternal” as our city.
eCAADe (Education and research in Computer Aided Architectural Design in Europe) is a non-profit making association of institutions and individuals with a common interest in promoting good practice and sharing information in relation to the use of computers in research and education in architecture and related professions. eCAADe was founded in 1983.

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