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Tevere Pilot River Basin Article 5 Report

Pursuant to the water framework directive

Formato: 22 x 24 cm

Legatura: Filorefe

Pagine: 176

Anno edizione: 2005

ISBN: 9788849209099

EAN: 8849209096

UB. INT. : T507c


Chapter 1 – Characterisation of the Tevere river basin
1.1 The Tevere river basin
1.2 Geology and morphology
1.3 Climatic conditions
1.4 Hydrology
1.5 Land use
1.6 Population
1.7 Agriculture
1.8 Industry
1.9 Water balance
1.10 The Tevere river’s quality status
1.11 Agglomerates and waste water treatment systems in the Tevere river basin
1.12 Rome’s urban area
1.12.1 Waste water treatment in the urban area of Rome
1.12.2 Water supply in the urban area of Rome

Chapter 2 – Characterisation of surface waters, groundwater and wetlands
2.1 Watercourses
2.1.1 Location, size, and density
2.1.2 Typology
2.1.3 Delineation of watercourse reaches and water body identification
2.1.4 Interface between SWBs and GWBs
2.1.5 Physical modifications
2.1.6 Reference conditions
2.1.7 Evaluation of the Fluvial Functioning Index (Ffi) for the Tevere river basin
2.2 Lakes
2.2.1 Location of the lakes
2.2.2 Physical modifications
2.2.3 Heavily modified water bodies
2.2.4 Artificial water bodies
2.2.5 Modification of natural lakes
2.2.6 Lake characterization
2.2.7 Typology
2.2.8 Reference conditions
2.3 Groundwater
2.3.1 Initial characterisation
2.3.2 Examples of further characterisation
2.4 Transitional Waters
2.4.1 The Tevere River
2.5 Coastal Waters
2.6 Wetlands
2.6.1 Application of the “Wetlands horizontal guidance”
2.7 Intercalibration excersise for the WFD 2000/60/EC

Chapter 3 – Pressures of human activity
on water status
3.1 Pollutant loading in the Tevere river basin
3.1.1 Households, industry and animal husbandry
3.1.2 Land cover evolution
3.1.3 Nutrients balance in the soil
3.1.4 Landfill waste disposal
3.1.5 Diffuse pollution
3.1.6 Airborne pollution
3.2 Testing of IMPRESS
3.2.1 Balance units

Chapter 4 – WFD and Hydrogeological Setting Plans
4.1 Main characteristics of the Hydrogeological Setting Plan
4.1.1 Method used for hydraulic hazard and risk assessment
4.2 Relationships between HSP and WFDMP

Chapter 5 – Register of protected areas
5.1 The Italian official register of protected areas (parks and nature reserves)
5.1.1 Protected areas (parks and nature reserves) in the Tevere river basin
5.2 List of proposed sites of Community importance
5.2.1 The Natura 2000 Network
5.2.2 Wetlands of International Relevance
5.2.3 SPA, SAC (pSCI) and Ramsar sites in the Tevere river basin
5.3 WFD 2000/60 Register of protected areas in the Tevere river basin
5.3.1 Sensitive Areas and Vulnerable Zones

Chapter 6 – Economic analysis and public participation
6.1 The economic value of water
6.1.1 The value of irrigation water
6.1.2 The value of water for industrial use
6.1.3 The value of water for household uses
6.1.4 The value of water for hydropower use
6.2 Public participation

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