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The Venerabile 2023

Vol. XXXVIII no. 1

A cura di: Browne Ryan

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Formato: 16 x 23 cm

Legatura: Filorefe

Pagine: 136

Anno edizione: 2023

ISBN: 9788849250237

EAN: 9788849250237

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Ryan Browne

Memories of a 21st Century Pope: Benedict XVI RIP
Mgr Philip Whitmore

How I Learned to Love the Synod
Dr Austen Ivereigh

What Am I Living For? Life, Death and Friendship
Timothy Radcliffe OP

A Third Spring Revisited
Mgr John Armitage

In Memoriam: Queen Elizabeth II. Queen Elizabeth Turned Privilege into a Life of Christian Service
Revd Dr James Hanvey SJ

Homily for Solemn Vespers at the Venerable English College on the Eve
of the Coronation of King Charles III
Fr Stephen Wang

Happy and Harmonious. The Coronation of King Charles III: A Moment for Renewed Reflection on the Relationship Between Crown and Catholics
Rev. Mr James Finnegan

Now and Then: A Short Theological Reflection on Time, Rome and The Venerabile
Revd Dr David Nixon

The Humour of History: On the Relationship Between the Venerable English College and the Society of Jesus
Fr Konrad Grech SJ

Why You Have Widened My Heart
Sr Valentina Stilo FMVD

News from the College Heritage Collections, 2022–23
Professor Maurice Whitehead

House Reports
Intellectual Formation Report
Mr Julian Paparella

Schola Report 2022–23
Rev. Mr James Finnegan

Sports Report 2022–23
Rev. Mr Antonio Bajlovic

Wiseman Society Report
Rev. Mr David Bench

The Year in Pictures
Mr Barnabas Mercer

The College Diary 2022–23

Leavers’ Profiles
Rev. Mr Antonio Bajlovic
Fr Toby Duckworth
Rev. Mr William Meehan
Fr John O’Laverty
Mr Benjamin Sinclair

The Roman Association
The Council
The Roman Association Diocesan Representatives
The 153rd Annual General Meeting Palazzola 2022 Minutes
News from Old Romans
Roman Association AGM 2023, Rector’s Report
Fr Stephen Wang

Rt. Rev. Hugh Christopher Budd
Fr Gerald ‘Gerry’ Creasey
Canon J. A. ‘Tony’ Harding
Michael Hodgetts KSG

Report of the Friends of the Venerabile
Michael Lang

2022–23 House List

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