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World Heritage and Legacy

Culture, Creativity, Contamination. Le Vie dei Mercanti XVII International Forum

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Formato: 17 x 24 cm

Legatura: Filorefe

Pagine: 176

Anno edizione: 2019

ISBN: 9788849237511

EAN: 9788849237511

UB. INT. : V39f C01


ARCHITECTURE HERITAGE and DESIGN | 3 Series founded and directed by Carmine Gambardella

The XVII Forum “World Heritage and Heritage” addresses the issue of the handed down in the sense of transmission over time of generation, at the state of knowledge, the material and immaterial heritage that comes from the past. A generational commitment to operate, in the cyclical temporal process, in order to preserve and protect the cultural heritage; a duty of the present generations to deliver to the future generations the legacy of the past at least in the same conditions in which it is received.

CARMINE GAMBARDELLA, UNESCO Chair on Landscape, Cultural Heritage, and Territorial Governance; President and CEO of Benecon SCaRL Research Centre on Cultural Heritage, Ecology and Economy (Consortium of five Universities: University of Campania “Luigi Vanvitelli”, Pegaso University, University Federico II of Naples, University of Salerno, University of Sannio). Rector at the European Polytechnical University, EPU. Professor of Drawing at the Pegaso University and at the University of Campania. President of the International Forum ‘Le Vie dei Mercanti’ since its first edition in 2003. Honorary President of the Italian Committee of the National Fulbright Sector on Cultural Heritage, Sustainable Development, Urban Planning, Architecture and Management of UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Editor and Founder of the series “Surveying is/ or Project”, “Knowledge Factory” and “Architecture, Heritage and Design”. Component of the Scientific Committee of International Class A Magazine ‘Abitare la Terra’/’Dwelling on Earth’. He covered various roles including the Pro Rector of Institutions, Academic Senator, Director of the Department of Architecture and Industrial Design Luigi Vanvitelli, Dean of the Faculty of Architecture Luigi Vanvitelli, Director of the Department of Culture of the Project, Director of Doctoral School in the Discipline of Architecture, Coordinator of the PhD in Protection, Safety and Representation of the Environment and Structures and Territorial Governance, Coordinator of the PhD Program in Surveying and Representation of Architecture and the Environment, President of the Course Degree in Industrial Design. He is author of numerous scientific papers on surveying and representation of the built and natural heritage.

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