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Development and preservation in large cities: an international perspective

VII edition

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Formato: 15 x 21 cm

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Pagine: 300

Anno edizione: 2020

ISBN: 9788849239515

EAN: 9788849239515

UB. INT. : T716B


ARCHITECTURE HERITAGE and DESIGN Series founded and directed by Carmine Gambardella

The VII edition of the 2018 six months seminarial course (from January to June) by the title ‘Development and Preservation in Large Cities: an International Perspective’ registered important cultural and scientific feedbacks as for the previous editions in 2012 (I), 2013 (II), 2014 (III), 2015 (IV), 2016 (V) and 2017 (VI). The Course involved 44 participants among Professors, Researchers, PhD fellows and Students of the partner Institutions, who received a joint Certificate of participation.
The Course is organized by: the BENECON University Consortium – Centre of Excellence on Cultural Heritage, Ecology and Economy, where is located my UNESCO Chair on Landscape, Cultural Heritage and Territorial Governance; the European Polytechnical University in Bulgaria and the Edward J. Blustein School of Planning and Public Policy, Center for Urban Policy Research at Rutgers, the State University of New Jersey; under the moral patronage of the Department of Architecture and Industrial Design at the University of Campania ‘Luigi Vanvitelli’.
Professors and Researcher of BENECON and Department elaborated papers in reference to their specific disciplinary in a framework of integration of scientific competences and of cultural confrontation without limits, which characterizes the method approach of our Scientific Comminity, with case studies in Italy, in the States and worldwide in the study environment of architecture, design, representation, landscape, economy of cultural heritage, territorial governance, history of art and architecture, and urban planning.

Essays by: Carmine Gambardella, David Listokin, Marco Calabrò, Antonio Liguori, Maria Carolina Campone, Paul Tournon, Saverio Carillo, Claudia Cennamo, Concetta Cusano, Alessandro Ciambrone, Fabiana Forte, Rossella Franchino, Raffaella De Martino, Caterina Frettoloso, Danila Jacazzi, Maria Carmen Cacciapuoti, Elena Manzo, Sabina Martusciello, Maria Dolores Morelli, Francesca Muzzillo, Fosca Tortorelli, Rosaria Parente, Riccardo Serraglio, Antonella Violano, Giuliana Chierchiello, Lindsey Connors, Enrico De Cenzo, Maria Luigia Di Bennardo, Maria Fernanda Garcia Marino, Jorgho Kang, Ketki Kulkarni, Riddhi Parikh, Aurora Maria Riviezzo, Joe Won Lee

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