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Discovering Meroitic Napata

The Palace of Natakamani and the Ancient Royal District

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Formato: 15 x 21 cm

Legatura: Filorefe

Pagine: 40

Anno edizione: 2021

ISBN: 9788849241242

EAN: 9788849241242

UB. INT. : T310B V16c


In the kingdom of Kush, Napata represented one of the most famous and ancient royal cities. Already mentioned in Egyptian texts of the 18th Dynasty (mid 2nd mill. BC), Napata knew its last phase in the Meroitic period (1st cent. AD), with a monumental district planned by king Natakamani.

Emanuele M. Ciampini is Associate Professor of Egyptology, University Ca’ Foscari of Venice. He is author of studies and scientific articles on Egyptology and Nubian Studies; he is Director of the Italian Archaeological Mission in Sudan – Jebel Barkal, whose activities aim to investigate the Meroitic District of ancient Napata.

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