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FormaMente n. 1-2/2010

Rivista internazionale di ricerca sul futuro digitale

Formato: 17 x 24 cm

Legatura: Filorefe

Pagine: 312

Anno edizione: 2010

ISBN: 9788849219531

EAN: 8849219539

UB. INT. : T525B BRAMP23


Comparison paradox, comparative situation and inter-paradigmaticy: a methodological reflection on cross-cultural philosophical comparison
Xianglong Zhang

Unconstrained methods for nonsmooth nonlinear complementary problems
Mohamed Tawhid

Methodological and epistemological issues on linear regression applied to psychometric variables in problem solving: rethinking variance
Dimitrios Stamovlasis

Ontology-based approaches for improving the interoperability between 3D urban models
Claudine Métral, Roland Billen, Anne-Francoise Cutting-Decelle, Muriel van Ruymbeke

Feathers in the nest: establishing a supportive environment for women researchers
Nicole Hartley, Angela Dobele

A neuro-fuzzy controller for collaborative applications in robotics using LabVIEW
Hiram E. Ponce, Dejanira Araiza, Pedro Ponce

Managing the platform: higher education and the logic of Wikinomics
David J. Staley
Incremental development of a shared urban ontology: the Urbamet experience
Jacques Guyot, Gilles Falquet, Jacques Teller

Designing online learning communities: lessons from Ek?isözlük
F?rat Soylu

Including personality in e-learning design
Nicholas Caporusso

GUIDE International Workshop 2010: New challenges for e-learning in cultural, scientific and socio-economic development
Laura Ricci, Arturo Lavalle

Evaluating and assessing quality in the online environment
Carol Walker, Diane Johnson

Monitorización de la red social en la plataforma educativa de la UOC: Sistema Xarxa-UOC
Begoña Gros, Maria F.González, Vania Guerra, Pablo Lara

ODE to combat poverty through microfinance education: a certificate program
Esampally Chandraiah

Retos y desafíos para una educación abierta y a distancia con pertinencia en el entorno venezolano
Edilia Rosa Alvarado, Nora Arias Quintero

The University Life Café: promoting students’ emotional health
Shalin Hai-Jew
Va2el “Valuing Education and Experience of Local Councillors”: developing an E-Portfolio for local councillors in Europe
Barbara Quarta, Raffaele Porzio

Self-directed learning processes, motivation towards learning and digital technologies
Chiara Biasin

Giampiero Cantoni, Le banche e la crisi: storia, etica, problemi, soluzioni
Chiara Carnabuci


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